Forensic Audio Cleanup / Enhancement

When it comes to audio editing, we primarily work with audio recorded for business purposes, such as podcasts, webinars, interviews, etc.  For more information on that, please visit our audio editing page.

However, we occasionally get requests from people who need something more advanced, such as:

  • Removing heavy noise from a recording
  • Enhancing the voice so speech can be more clearly understood

Some examples we’ve seen are things like a conversation recorded on a voice recorder in the room, when the people speaking are not very close to the mic or there is a lot of background noise.  Or a voice mail message or phone conversation that is hard to understand.

We’ve probably all seen this kind of audio work done on TV, where there is a muffled recording and someone makes a couple clicks on the computer and then you can clearly understand the person speaking.  The reality is more difficult and time-consuming than this, but it is often possible.  It really is an art or science though to do it well.  It’s called “Forensic Audio Editing”.

This isn’t a service we provide directly, but we found another company who does this.  They are based in the UK but deal with US and international clients.  To help you out, we’ve made it easy for you to contact them.  You can fill out the contact form below to get in touch with them.  Again, for clarity, this is not a service we provide and we are not affiliated with the company who does this, but we are simply helping you get in touch with them by providing an easy way to contact them.

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