Clickbank Gateway Support for Pro Sites Plugin

Update: I’m no longer offering this add-on.

Would you like to use Clickbank as a gateway for the Pro Sites plugin from WPMUdev?

This was something I was looking for literally for at least two years.  I kept hoping WPMUdev would add Clickbank as a gateway but it never happened so I finally found a developer who could do it for me.

If you’ve ever hired out these kind of projects you know how it can go… an estimated 1-week turnaround time turns into over 2 months…

But finally it’s finished.  And it has all the features I wanted:

  • Support for recurring billing through Clickbank
  • Support for an up-front setup fee/initial fee that is different than the monthly recurring amount – something that is not included in Pro Sites by default!
  • Have multiple levels, each tied to a different product ID in Clickbank
  • Integration using Clickbank’s API
  • Each level can have a separate initial fee in case you have different packages that have different setup fees and also so you can handle upgrades from one level to another
  • This add-on doesn’t require editing any of the Pro Sites code – you just drop in a few files into the Pro Sites /gateways/ directory

It only supports monthly recurring billing (not 3- or 12-month recurring since I didn’t think that would work so well with Clickbank).

I see in the WPMUdev forums that there are quite a few people looking for this solution so I thought I’d make it available to other users for a lot less than I spent to have it developed.  This way hopefully it saves you a lot of hassle and also helps me recover some of the expense in getting it made.

Here are some screenshots so you can see it in action:

After activating the plugin you’ll have an additional menu item:

Here is the new section added to the Settings page:

I blacked out my information, but you can see where it goes.  You enter your Clickbank vendor ID, Dev Key and API Key.

Here you can see some of the cool stuff – your Clickbank item number, so it’s tied to the right product in Clickbank, as well as the Initial Fee that will be charged.

There is no change to the Levels section, you use that as normal.  The amount you enter there is the monthly recurring amount.

There is no change to the way the checkout/signup process works.  A user has to create an account and log in to pay.  Personally I don’t like that, but hopefully WPMUdev will change it in the future.

Here is the checkout process (with Pay to Blog enabled):

And when you click the Checkout button, you’re taken to Clickbank:


Hopefully that gives you a pretty good idea of how things work.

How much is it?

The future of this add-on:  Since I don’t consider myself a developer, I don’t think it makes sense to take on the task of updating this plugin long term.  So what I think makes the most sense is, once I recover some of my expenses in having this add-on developed, I’ll contact WPMUdev to see if they would be interested in taking it over and adding it as a standard part of the plugin.  This way they can handle maintenance and updates to it as needed, which will benefit us all.  Of course, I can’t be sure they will take it on, but it would certainly make sense for them to since so many of their members are asking for this feature.