Professional Audio Editing Services

We provide audio editing services to help you sound more professional.  Whether you have a podcast, interview, audio book, presentation, etc., we can enhance your recording to make you sound better!


Here’s What We Can Do For You:

  • Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, coughs, beeps, etc.
  • Remove unwanted silence in the beginning, end, or anywhere in between
  • Remove parts of a conversation, such as unwanted words, sentences, or even whole topics
  • Add music to your recording, such as an introduction and closing fade-in/fade-out, or low background music behind the person speaking
  • Boost the volume of one or more speakers so they’re easier to hear
  • Remove background noise from the recording, like buzzing/humming sounds that go throughout the recording.

This is great for many types of audio recording projects.  For instance:

  • Podcasts – Before you publish your podcast for the world to hear, let us cut out anything that’s not quite right
  • Recorded interviews – We all get nervous sometimes and that comes through in the recording.  We can edit your recording to make things sound as smooth and polished as possible.
  • Audio Books – Whether it’s for digital products that will be downloaded or physical CD, we can help you sound your best.
  • Training/Sales Presentations – Maybe you did a live presentation and some parts of the presentation don’t apply to people listening to the replay.  We can cut out parts you don’t want.
  • Information Products – Use your recordings as a product to teach people how to do something.

We can prepare your recordings for whatever publishing method you want, such as:

  • MP3 Download (or other popular file formats)
  • Audio CDs

It is amazing what can be done to clean up audio and how big of a difference it can make.  Done right, audio editing can make a recording sound much more professional. Let us show you how good you can sound!

Fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-380-6794.  Filling out the form is usually quickest.

What we can’t do:

If the noise is louder than the speech, we can’t remove the noise.

If you secretly recorded a conversation but can’t hear what was said due to noise, sorry, but we can’t help you with that.  That’s a different type of audio editing called “forensic audio editing”.  We’re not set up for that.

If you need that type of editing, search on Google for “forensic audio editing service” and you should find some companies that can help with that.

For everything else, though, please contact us below.

What our clients say…

Thanks again for your quick turn-around… it’s really nice to have someone that can actually do this rather than me taking forever to grind through it with a really poor output!

Josh C.

Todd always provides a solid edit with a quick turnaround time and is willing to go the extra mile on noise reductions to make the recording sound as good as possible.  He’s saved me a lot of time and trouble!

Catherine I.


The hourly rate is $95, with a 15-minute minimum, meaning a $23.75 minimum for projects.
Just for clarity, that’s based on the time we spend editing, not on the length of the recording.

The amount of time can vary a lot, depending on how extensive of an edit you need, but obviously you need to have some idea of the cost, so we’ll give you a few guidelines.

For a really basic edit such as cutting off unwanted silence or noise at the beginning and/or end of a recording and mixing in music, usually it’ll take 15 – 45 minutes.

If you need a more extensive edit, where we go through the entire recording and cut out uh’s and um’s and other unwanted noises, or if we need to cut out sections, splice things together, etc., it’s going to take a lot longer.  That type of editing is very tedious and time consuming, so allow about 4-6 hours of editing time for each hour of recording you have.  For example, a 1-hour recording would take 4-6 hours of editing time.

Prices are based on a 1-week turnaround time.  Depending on our schedule, it could be quicker than that.  If you need rush service, it can sometimes be made available for an extra fee.  Please contact us and let us know what you need.

Please tell us about your audio editing project:

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