Strategic Alliance Partner Wanted – By Invitation Only

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  • Are you a Real Estate Investing guru?
  • Interested in thousands of extra dollars every month in your bank account?
  • Want to multiply your income without spending any of your precious time?
  • Are you currently recommending websites to your clients with only an affiliate link? Or even worse, providing only general website recommendations and missing this goldmine opportunity?

We have the proven solution for you. Stop getting nickels as an affiliate and put this proven income multiplier to work for your business. We are Serve Sense, LLC, the trusted leader in REI sites since 2004.

We are currently searching for one new partner to add to our private strategic alliance. As the new partner, you would include our proven REI websites as part of your product offering.40k  [highlight]With our exclusive partners we split each sale 50/50.[/highlight]

What does this mean for you, the already successful guru? You have the tree (your list) planted and thriving. We have the secret elixir that turns it into your very own money tree. We do the work. You get the cash.

We are accepting 4 new partners this year. There is only one spot available for August 2014.

Apply here if you’re serious about creating wealth.


Here’s what you get:

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  • Thousands of extra dollars each and every month. (Do you really need more? Don’t worry, we’ve got more)
  • Sweat free, residual income
  • Additional credibility as THE resource for all things REI
  • No hassle product creation
  • Expense-free product creation
  • Hands-free, time-free product creation (The elixir exists, you just pour it on the tree)
  • A high converting product that is a very easy sell!

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Here’s what your clients get:

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  • A proven investor site at a low price
  • Hassle free service (our service includes billing, hosting, tech support, customer support and customer training for how to use & update their site)
  • Instant setup
  • A superb product and price from the trusted REI site professionals for 10 years and counting

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Why are we doing this?

You are the guru. We are your secret weapon. A guru belongs at the top of the mountain where people flock for wisdom and advice. A secret weapon belongs behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. We have had tremendous success with this program in the past. This program is win-win-win.

You win because you get the product without the work. We win because you have successful marketing already in place.  The clients win because they get a professionally designed, customizable website at a fraction of the cost of a custom made site!

Apply Here

I look forward to hearing from you today.


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