Website Design Service Referral / Partnership

Do you have a list of clients in your industry that would benefit from a website?

Let us build websites for your clients to create a win-win-win situation.

We specialize in building website services for small businesses in certain niches.  For example, here is our website service for real estate investors.

Rather than just doing one-off custom website projects, we prefer to build a website service that customers can sign up for and get a great website at an affordable price.

We like to work with individuals and businesses that provide a service or training in their niche (for example, business coaches for a certain industry, or an author), where having a website would be a natural fit.  You, as the expert and authority, can recommend your clients get a website, and refer them to us.  In exchange, we can either offer you a commission or, if you prefer, lower rates for your clients.

Typically how it works is we will work with you to build a website that would work for most of your clients, including all the content.  Then we set it up where your clients can just come to our website and order a website, which gets set up automatically and instantly.  They pay monthly for the service, and we’ll pay you for people you referred, on a monthly recurring basis in most cases.  We handle all technical aspects of the site, including providing customer support.

This creates a win-win-win situation:

You win because you can make additional monthly recurring income with little effort, just telling your clients where they can get a website.

Your clients win because they get a much more professional website than they could otherwise afford.  Because it’s not custom made from scratch for them, but rather we’re essentially spreading the expense of building a website over many people, they get a lot more for their money.  Plus, most people get hung up trying to write content for their site and often never launch their website because they get stuck on this step.  Since we provide it, they don’t have to get bogged down with writing but can start benefiting from their website.  Of course, they can customize the content, but it’s not required.

We win because we get customers we wouldn’t have had otherwise.  You have contact with your clients and you can recommend our website service to them.  Because your clients know and trust you already, they’re much more likely to take your word for it than if we were to contact them out of the blue.  You already have a relationship with them and, by recommending they come to us to get a website, they are pre-sold on using us.  So we don’t have to spend time and resources marketing and trying to talk people into using our services since you’ve already warmed them up.

We’ve done this successfully for many years and we are open to forming new relationships in different markets.  We can’t work with everyone, and if we’re already in the middle of building a new website service with someone, there could be a waiting period before we’re able to start building the websites for your market.  But we’d love to hear from you and see if we could work together.

Please fill out the form below and tell us about you and your business and who your clients are.  Tell us what kind of website they would need.  If you have examples of other websites in your industry that you like, please include them.  If you have a website for your own business, you can include that as well so we can learn more about your business.  Also, please include how many clients you have that you feel like would be likely to want a website, or maybe just how many clients you have so we have an idea of how big of a market we’re looking at.

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